"Historical State of Jefferson Barb Wire Collection" Wreath. This wire features a Joseph F. Glidden patent, dated November 24, 1874.  This wire is called "Glidden's Two-Point Barb with Very Light Gauge Lines and Barbs" by collectors.  (ref. Hagemeier).  This wire features two twisted together line wires.   The line wires and barbing wires are much lighter than normally used. Barbs are two pointed, made by wrapping a round barbing wire twice around the round line.

Antique Barb Wire Wreaths Cute idea, I have so much barbed wire I've been trying to figure out what to do with it.

Barbed Wire Wreath by CountrysDesigns on Etsy

Barbed Wire Wreath

Just made my barbed wire and sunflower wreath today to go on my fence post. sunflowers work well for summer and into fall. Plus it looks good with my zinnies. this Barbed Wire Wreath by sammsfamily

Rustic Barb Wire Wreath With Burlap Bow by ShabbyChicAntique101, $18.00 by lynn7959

Rustic Barb Wire Wreath With Burlap Bow. I would do a different bow but I like how it is wrapped with twine.

Window frame barbed wire christmas wreath

Window frame barbed wire Christmas wreath Like the concept but the wreath decorations could be better!

We found a bunch of barbed wire.  With a bit of the leftovers, I made this barbed wire wreath with some added leftover ribbon.  It's super simple to make and cost me nothing.  You can DIY your own wreath with items you have lying around.  Use what you got decor.  This is a perfect way to give our backyard some extra decorations.  Upcycle - repurpose - reuse

Barbed Wire Wreath

How to make a ridiculously simple barbed wire wreath. This was done using items we had on hand for some free and simple backyard décor.

Barb wire wreath with burlap bowwith a 10 by KimsPrimitiveCrafts, $35.00

Barb wire wreath with burlap bow,with a 8" star and red berries and rusty stars

Great use for some of that old barbed wire you have sitting around!

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