I now wish I got Paper Towns the other day instead of Looking for Alaska so I could find this...

It's like a cult

What happens in the band room stays in the band room OUR BAND MOTTO Peetz Borders Ilinich

Tonedeaf's posters would end up covering my walls if I wasn't afraid of parent/administrative complaints...they're just so accurate!

Band Room Rules

Based on the comic Band Room Rules, this hilarious x poster clearly explains the rules of your band room to your students so they obviously get the point. The poster is professionally printed

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Band Is A Family

Get this great x poster for your band room today! The poster is professionally printed on high-quality matte-finish paper.

Omg! Brought my friends into the band room the other day and they, no joke, looked so confused! They thought we were in another world! XD

I'm a regular band kid and a marching band kid haha you guess which is more awesome and crazy!

www.RockTheFOut.com band room clock. Heavy metal, punk rock, emo, post hardcore, goth, thrash, music, black, red, Rock the F Out.

Metal Round Music Wall Clock

Metal Round Music Wall Clock - circle of fifths. I want this for the music room!

when people call the band room...... band humor

Oh my gosh this is so funny! I love squidward and mainly because he plays clarinet like I do, but stuff like this is funny!

Emo Teenage Girl Room Ideas - Bing Images

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DIY BAND Room Decor - Tumblr Ideas you NEED to try!--- Lights

Go watch her for AWESOME room decor ideas and stuff (she does awesome homemade band stuff!

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I always yell in the band room that my saxophone is my only love, I have a crush on my saxophone, oh yeah and NOTICE ME SAXOPHONE SENPAI

I always yell in the band room that my saxophone is my only love, I have a crush on my saxophone, oh yeah and NOTICE ME SAXOPHONE SENPAI<<<I play the alto saxophone and I feel the same way XD

Someone brought there little sister in the band room and she saw the marching tuba on the floor and she said, "wow that's a big trumpet"omg I cringed so bad

We only have one base clarinet, we have a very small school, so she goes to sectionals with the saxophones because she plays the same thing as our tenor saxophone

DIY BAND Room Decor You NEED to Try!                                                                                                                                                      More

DIY Band Room Decor jessiepaege here. I love doing diy band merch, diy band t-shirts, and diy projects. I also see a lot of edible and giant diy videos.