Haha I wouldn't go in it. My friend has told me stories about the percussion closet

Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is LMU. That's Pepperdine. You must never go there, Simba.

Band Jokes me neither

I just can't imagine any other group of kids besides band kids doing this.

One of those classic taglines that everyone remembers...if you grew up in the era of Tootsie Roll Pops. And sad for you if you didn't.

I don't play flute, but no one can hear the flute section unless they are playing C sharp and then everyone feels like rolling up into a ball and dying

This explains the trumpet section in our band so well. - Life throws you curves…

As a trumpet player this is not me. I do however know some snooty trumpet players and some really nice players

The different rows in concert band

I can approve this from experience. And you don't even understand the percussion section until you've been in it. And speaks as someone who has to be in it temporarily once/twice a year but is still an outsider it's actual hell.

Ohhhhhh I can relate...in high school, I was a clarinet player whose instrument squeaked more than a boy's voice during puberty. You knew what part I was playing by the squeak-squak-squawks! (I'm With The Marching Band)


Love this. Still hate her cuz of the Harry Styles thing, but it's a band joke                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Funny pictures about I knew you were treble. Oh, and cool pics about I knew you were treble. Also, I knew you were treble.

We have a joke in my band, I don't know if other bands do this too, we all yell "LAST CHAIR!" when an instrument/mouthpiece is dropped

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haha only a band geek would get this<<<I've been playing piano for four years and understand it. Never been in band either. You hush.

haha only a band geek would get this<--- That comment annoys me. Band geeks think they are the only musicians out there when in reality there are a whole lot more. show choir, regular choir, orchestra, and even musical theatre performers.

My dad at my sister's marching band competitions.  The rest of the family being woodwinds, we are constantly telling him to shut up.

Farewell letter from

meanwhile in the trumpet lol not all trumpets are like that. I'm not as cocky as most trumpets

Haha see. Choir queers get music jokes too. Calm down band kids.

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Choir kids get music jokes too. Calm down band kids.<----- and orchestra kids just chill people