23 Unique Balloon Tattoo Designs

23 Unique Balloon Tattoo Designs

Balloon tattoo can be the best answer for the ones who are looking for an interesting and a unique design to be inked on their body. Whether it is a giant

Let it go and balloon in dark blue ink  Temporary

Let it go and balloon, in dark blue ink - Temporary Tattoo Set of 2

Watercolor Hot Air Balloon tattoo by Kylie Wild Heslop, Canberra, Australia based Tattoo Artist www.artgonewild.com.au

To many people, tattoos are exotic and daring things to get into. Not only might this seem daunting but the actual process of getting a tattoo can be fr

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45 Cute Hot Air Balloon Tattoo Designs

Cute hot air balloon tattoo designs are gaining popularity both among males and females. Generally, balloon tattoos are engraved with the famous saying ‘Let it go’ which represents lightness, something that is inspirational, funny or romantic.

Does anyone else automatically think of the movie UP whenever they see a balloon?

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Balloon Tattoo Meaning | Flying high with balloons tattoo on arm - Tattoo Mania

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tattoo girl w/ a bunch of balloons rising up into he sky. Girl black filled in, will balloons all different colors.

Earth Hot Air Balloon by Cavellucci

48 Incredible Hot Air Balloon Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is a rose with the words RIP Grandma inside. This tattoo took about 45 minutes. The most paint occurred at the bottom of the tattoo. The tattoo