Balloon Pinata!!! So doing this for my daughter's Birthday! Works perfect for little 4-5 yr olds!!

Keeping up with the Kiddos: Hello Kitty Birthday Party good idea for filling balloons with candy (instead of a pinata)

Balloon Pinata - use the top of a pop bottle. (and fun things to do with balloons)

I wish I knew this tip for filling balloons with treats! 44 for Halloween sucked! to fill balloons. Instead of pinatas for parties. Great idea so that each child can pop one balloon and get the goodies inside.

Homemade Pinata

Homemade Pinata - Paper mâché I Love Crafts, and DIY stuff, so I will be attempting this for a birthday party soon, this will test my patience, my attention span and creativity.

Entertain the kids with fun water games in the backyard! Family Activities | Birthday Party Ideas | SampleHouse

Water Games Your Family Will Love to Play This Summer

Play a refreshing game of water balloon piñatas. Wrought be awesome to hide letters in the balloons for clues in a game

backyard party  pinata alternative - could be fun to put water in them for a summer party!

show ian pinata first then bring out giant balloon with water backyard party pinata alternative - could be fun to put water in them for a summer party!

Mickey Mouse Party ~ Decoration ~ Tutorial ~ Balloon piñata Board (ideal for when it rains the day of the party or if you live in an apartment and invited a couple guest)

Get Candy in a Balloon

I'm a grown woman. You'd think that putting some flour and water on a balloon to dry into a mould to make a Pinata for my daughters birthday party would be easy considering there are about a 1000 D...

The making of a DIY Rainbow Pinata

Milk Allergy Mom: Graham's 5th Birthday ~ A Backyard Water Party!

Water Balloon Pinatas are perfect for a hot summer day plus lots of other water party ideas.

One at a time, each guest at the party stood about 5 feet in front of the board and threw a dart at the balloons, trying to pop one. The balloon would pop, and the candy would explode, and the child got to run and grab all the candy from their balloon. The kids loved it, and even the littlest guys who were 4 and 5 years old could pop a balloon pretty easily.

balloon pinata board with darts - could put words written on paper inside the balloons. When the balloon is popped, child has to read the word.