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Шампунь сделан из Пищевой содой: Расти и улучшить качество волос…

Шампунь из пищевой соды — магия роста ваших волос!

670px-Remove-Hair-Dye-from-Skin-Step-5 (Small)

Give homemade shampoo a shot. Wash with a water + baking soda solution, rinse with a cider vinegar + water solution, & use a dab of conditioner just on the ends (they get so dry!) before final rinse. The result? My hair blow-dried much faster than usual, it's weightless and soft, and no, it does not smell like vinegar.


Shampoo Bar Soap. Great to use instead of Baking soda in the No "Poo" challenge. Use with the ACV rinse.


Сухой крахмальный шампунь