Gail's bakery . Photo by @ralphandrose_

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I like the cement floor, high open ceilings, and exposed hvac.

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Love the interior of this restaurant called Bistro Charlotte (located in Warsaw & Cracow). They were inspired by the French cafes and hand-make all their own breads, baguettes in the age-old French style.

really like the feel of this. communal table things hanging from lighting (cups etc.) industrial bakery

Maybe use this for the lights if we can't get the fluorescents replaced. use the beams for hanging the lights between

bread presentation smart wood black. This "look" can be simple and great for displaying other retail items.

Die kleine Bäckerei Flock

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A Global Tour of Our Favorite Bakeries From Kyoto to Buenos Aires

Fresh loaves and sugary treats are presented alongside wooden surfaces, ceramic tiles and plants at this renovated bakery in Kiryu, Japan.

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