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Bacardi launches their Bacardi family redesign to celebrate founders day and their birthday. Designed by Here design.


Bacardi Wood Background Black Skin Hard Shell Case for iPhone DIY by Qinchao

Mirandarita- 2 parts Crystal Light Raspberry Lemondade, one part Bacardi Rum and a splash of Sprite Zero

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Mirandarita- 2 parts Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade, one part Bacardi Rum and a splash of Sprite Zero. Sub tequila for rum for a low-cal Raspberry 'Rita.


Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum & Simply Raspberry Lemonade, A Refreshing Concoction

Bacardi White Rum

The most famous white Rum in the world, Bacardi is sold in over 100 countries and used in countless cocktails. A light and clean spirit, Bacardi is filtered through charcoal for purity and aged in white oak for character.

BACARDI OAKHEART -    Smooth Spiced Rum from the heart of charred oak barrels for a hint of smokiness.

Bacardi Oakheart Recipes: Spiced Rum Drink Recipes with Barcardi

Colour Inspiration - Colour 12 Smooth Oak : Bacardi OakHeart Rum - A surprisingly tasty spiced rum from Barcardi - good on the rocks

Limon Electric Lemonade from Buffalo Wild Wings. Blue Curacao, Bacardi Limon, Sweet and Sour Mix, and Sprite. One of my new favorite drinks!

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RAINBOW SOUR BURST Dekuyper Raspberry Liqueur Dekuyper Melon Liqueur  Sour Mix  Bacardi Rum  UV Blue Vodka  Blue Curacao

Go crazy with our Rainbow Sour Burst Cocktail! Our Rainbow Sour Burst Cocktail is made with Dekuyper, Sour Mix, Rum, Vodka, and Blue Curacao!

I think Bacardi's 150 anniversary celebration bottle and decanter is absolutely stunning - what do you think?

Bacardi 150 Anniversary Celebration Decanter