Cheeky chimp

This cheeky chimp is the cutest thing we've seen! Cute baby animals: 100 reasons to go 'Ahhhh'


Absolutely adorable baby chimp named Wingu hanging out with his mom eating their favorite snack, popcorn.

Ape - before 900; Middle English; Old Englishapa; cognate with Old Saxon apo, Old Norse api, Old High German affo(German Affe)

Ape - before Middle English; cognate with Old Saxon apo, Old Norse api, Old High German affo(German Affe)

Say mah name, say mah name, You actin' kinda shady, Ain't callin' me baby, Why the sudden change ...

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens Welcomes Two Baby Chimpanzees

I'm dying from the cuteness! I can't handle it!!!!

Dog Adopts Baby Chimpanzee After Its Mother Dies At Zoo (PHOTOS)

Funny pictures about Dog Adopts Baby Chimpanzee. Oh, and cool pics about Dog Adopts Baby Chimpanzee. Also, Dog Adopts Baby Chimpanzee photos.

Anjana the Chimpanzee feeds Sierra, the 9-month old orphaned Puma. It's nothing new because this remarkable chimp has already helped raise two royal white tiger cubs, a leopard, and four lions.

A Chimpanzee Adopts An Orphaned Puma Cub

A Chimpanzee Adopts An Orphaned Puma Cub oh my goodness my heart just melted

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If you're brave enough to say 'goodbye', life will reward you with a new 'hello' 🐵

Baby chimpanzee! They are so adorable and cute!

CLOWNIN' This adorable chimpanzee baby looks like he's having a lot of fun at the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage in Zambia's Copperbelt Province.

Chimpanzees are our closest relatives,   with whom we share 99 percent of our DNA. We are more closely related to chimps   than chimps are to gorillas. Humans didn't evolve "from" chimps. Rather both   species evolved from separate ape like species. Those who coined the term   "evolved from" chimps or monkeys, or those who still don't differenciate between   apes and monkeys are highly misinformed.

"Cute baby monkey" is a previous comment. This cutie is actually an ape, chimpanzee maybe.