An atheism symbol

Atheism is the belief that there is no God. Atheists also argue against any other proof that proves the existence of God.

(Agnostic Symbol)  Realizing that whether it exists or not is separate from the fact that I/we/they made it all up

Some Facts About Atheism

Atheist symbol created by Michigan graphic artist and retired school teacher Diane Reed.

"Atheos" foot tattoo. Greek word meaning "Without gods." or Atheist.

Greek word meaning "Without gods." or Atheist. It's discreet enough for me but I'll be getting it on inside of left ankle

numberedatheistsymbols.jpg (Reconsidered this and thought it was more of a code)

A Collection of Atheist Symbols

Fine Atheist Tattoo Design

They are all Atheist because they probably feel they are so important that nothing out there could be better of smarter then what they are. Their ego will not allow them to think of God.