Haunted Hotel - Art Book - Livre Sculpture - altéré livre La sculpture entière est issue dun livre espagnol mis au rebut. Dimensiosn

Hotel Embrujado Libro intervenido Escultura por MalenaValcarcel, - a book has a way of comforting you like a child in a tree house, free to do whatever they like in privacy with just their imagination.

Ben Young | glass art | sculpture | ocean art | glass sculpture | contemporary art

Translucent Glass Ocean Sculptures by Ben Young

SET SAIL Laminated float glass, cast concrete and x x by Ben Young - Home Decoration - Interior Design Ideas

Recycle those paper towel tubes and use them to make a unique process art sculpture!

Paper Towel Art Sculpture Art Supplies Needed- paper tubes, glue, paint, loose parts, lid. The children will strengthen their creativity by thinking unconventionally and making something unique.

Sally Russell Totem Sculptures www.sculpturesite.com/SALLYRUSSELL_Art.cfm?ArtistsID=199&NewID+5387

(Totem made of cans) russell public art/sculpture inspiration. Could have the group make a group totem with 1 can painted by each student; or support network/family/important relationships totem*~bcp

I have never wanted to eat a sculpture this bad. Peter Anton assembles out-of-scale versions of sweets like this box of a dozen doughnuts (selling for $32,00) that should be on the table of the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk.

Peter Anton's Giant Food Sculptures