80 pcs assorted mixed antiqued bronze skeleton key by aniknition, $46.20. :)) and they are a nice size.

Skeleton Keys Bulk Steampunk Keys Bulk Skeleton Keys Assorted Skeleton Keys Large Skeleton Keys Skeleton Key Pendants Antiqued Bronze 50pcs

50 pcs assorted antiqued bronze skeleton keys charms pendants to inches long) Great finding for making bracelets, necklaces, earrings,

You are your own key to success, great tatoo and it would cover my scar on my leg...hmmm really like this one plus I could design some hidden meaning imagery in it.

Would be cool for my husband to get a key with a heart shape and me to get a lock in a heart shape. He'll be the only one with the key to my heart(:

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Just the lock and key. Lock on the gun, key hanging around somewhere

Brass Compass Key Necklace brass antique key by CHAiNGEthesubject

Brass Compass Key Necklace Brass Compass Charm

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With my first and last initial in the top. in the top. R on the right key, and H on the left. Then on the teeth on the right key to be a 9 and a 5 on the left

I love the antique key. Tattoo.                                                                                                                                                      More

Amazing "K" monogram antique key I adore this! And would love to find one to add to my key collection! Very cool, one of my kids names start with K.

Antique Skeleton Key.This is a little big & not sure where I'd want it but would love for me & the sibs & maybe mom (if she's brave enough) get a skeleton key one day for "Keys"....@Angie Keys @Colleen Keys @Eddie Keys @Mandy Keys

Antique key Tat With my beau being a locksmith, I do take delight in keys and key related things. And even if I didn't, this is badass.