The models for American Gothic /   In 1930, Iowa artist Grant Wood painted American Gothic. The models he used for the painting were his sister Nan Wood Graham and his dentist, Byron McKeeby. Here they are next to the painting.

Grant Wood’s American Gothic. The models are Grant Woods sister and dentist…. Wallpaper and background photos of Grant Wood’s American Gothic and the couple that posed for the painting for fans of Fine Art images.

starwars. American Gothic parody-that's awkward its father and daughter shouldn't it be padma

Star Wars American Gothic, this one works with the idea of it being a man and his daughter.

Oh how fun!  Doing a parody of American Gothic right now with my 2nd graders.  Can't wait to show it to them!

I can create a parody, cartoon, or caricature that focuses on a specific subject matter. I can use 3 elements and 3 principles as sparks for my composition.

Still American Gothic | 36 Pop Cultural Reinventions Of The American Gothic Painting

36 Pop Cultural Reinventions Of The American Gothic Painting

MexicanAmerican Gothic   Day of the Dead Art by UrbanArtByMelody, $48.00

Mex Am Gothic by Melody Smith Tattoo Fine Art Print Sugar Skull Day of the Dead