4 different recycled aluminum crafts to make from disposable cookie sheets!

Recycled Craft Ideas Using Disposable Cookie Sheets!

4 different recycled aluminum crafts-great potential for some interesting embellishments or focals.

Tesscar Aluminum Craft -- Recycle your favorite beverage can into a work of art!

Tesscar Aluminum Craft -- Recycle your favorite beverage can into a work of art! When I was traveling in Thailand, I bought a Tuk Tuk made out of Coke cans.

faux punched tin craft from aluminum cookie sheet 2

Feature Friday- Faux Punched Tin Tutorial

Perforado la lata Tutorial - Faux punched tin craft from aluminum cookie sheet 2

Aluminum can airplane

How to Make a Beer Can Airplane

These are great models and look beautiful, they cost a fraction of what a real model airplane would cost you at the local hobby shop. If you want a great gift that you can make with your bare hands while tossing back a few beers and justifying the.

Amazing what you can do with aluminum foil! Lots of tutorials & projects at this site.

Make a Tin Foil Rose~ Make a bouquet! This is a great Valentine, Mother's Day idea or could be a cool winter holiday project for kids.

miniature cars from aluminum cans, Creative Soda Can Crafts, http://hative.com/creative-soda-can-crafts/,

15 Creative Soda Can Crafts

Miniature cars from aluminum cans. After drinking soda from aluminum cans, you can recycle your soda cans to create interesting projects instead of tossing the empty cans into the garbage or recycling bin.

recycle tins cans aluminium aluminum craft project  ideas

GASP - faux tin tiles made from disposable cookie sheets from the dollar store.

Soda, pop, coke or cola cans, they are all aluminum cans that can be used to make crafts. Can art and craft projects for kids and adults. 30+ things to do with aluminum cans: flowers, jewelry, angels

37 Awesome Aluminum Can Crafts to Make

Make yourself an aluminum rose!

Make Yourself an Aluminum Rose!

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