the best of indie/alternative music i pretty much love everyone on here...

the best of indie/alternative music-- honestly I love every single band on here!

I need to check out some of these bands I haven't listened to. If the ones I know are any indication, they should be awesome!

Here are some of the biggest Indie artists in the world. Indie music itself has become its own sub-culture similar to that of typically rock and metal music where it affects things like style of dress and attitude of those who make up that sub-culture.

indie / alternative music has got to be my favourite. I also like 80's rock…

some rad bands, not my favorites but pretty cool.(lorde & bastille arent bands ,pretty sure) bit The Neighbourhood is my favorite band 💛

Saturday Sounds: Happy Alternative Playlist

Saturday Sounds: Happy Alternative Playlist

This Happy Alternative Playlist has three things I never tired of: Saturdays, alternative music, and being happy.

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