25 90's-00's Toys that you can buy today

31 Awesome ’90s Toys You Never Got, But Can Totally Buy Today

Sky Dancers, a fun toy that will also knock out your eye. I miss my sky dancers.

90s Toys | List of Nostalgia-Inducing Toys from the 1990s

The Most Nostalgia-Inducing '90s Toys

Throwback Thursdays: Betchiest Trends of the 90s - Betches Love This

Throwback Thursdays: Betchiest Trends Of The 90s

Teachers didn't allow them in school, so your pet was always dying when you got home. I had a Tamagotchi, Giga Pet Digital Doggie, Nano Turtle, and Talking Nano Baby.

The 34 best toys of the 90s: They don't make them like this anymore! - goodtoknow

The 34 best toys of the 90s: They don't make them like this anymore!

10 Retro Eighties Toys - I played the heck out of this game. I forgot all about it til I saw this pin!

Polly pockets made me so so so happy when I was small I still get a heartbreak feelin when I see them ✨✨

How Many Of These '90s Girl Toys Did You Own?

Polly Pockets, Fashion Plates, Muffin Dolls, Sky Dancers, Skip-It. (my childhood toys-so fun )

No way, my dad had this when he was little and he gave it to me when I was around five and I though it was the coolest thing

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I had one of these dogs! - 45 Awesome Toys Every Girl Wanted For Christmas

popular 90s Toys | late '80s to early 2k memories for all the '90s kids! Have fun! :)

Ouch Bubble Gum,the best thing from the :). My sister and I used to pretend they were actual band-aids !

'90s Toys and Games for Girls (55 pics)

wow these really bring back memories. i LOVED troll dolls. i had an enormous one (looked like a troll doll on steroids) with red hair & came with a night gown on i think?

90s Nostalgia: Generation Y's Childhood TV Shows, Toys, Trends And More <--- I have one!

Nintendo Game Boy Color: Game Boy devise I bought. I was really excited that I could play a game with color.

Tyco/Mattel 3D view master. All my slides were Disney.

What Toys Did You Play With As A Kid?

So……how many of you can remember the View-Master? I can’t because it was before my time. I remember being a little girl and quite fascinated by the view-master. I could travel the world sitting on the sofa and not having.

Koosh ball!  Every body forgot about these beautiful little buggers, but not me!  This harmless koosh can be a teaching aid like none other. Not only is it impossible to remain apathetic when there is a koosh wizzing by your face, it stimulates the brain and the body when in an otherwise shy classroom. Bring kinesthetics back into learning.

A '90s Kid's Christmas List

Koosh balls, which were always thrown by selecting one string as using it to launch the whole thing across the room. I loved this toy!

I had one of these! Loved it! 90s toys

:) My absolute favourite childhood toy and the beginning of my singing career :)

90's barbie happy meal toys from mcdonalds. Took a long time to collect these since my mom forbade McDonalds! Oh m g!! My grandma would take me to MacDonald's for these!!!!

55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic

I remember "Barbie Happy Meal" toys. A lot of trips took place to McDonalds to get another Happy Meal and another Barbie.