Si quieres organizar un cumpleaños hippie este tip te servirá de inspiración. #party #hippie

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80s theme centerpiece; 80s theme party ideas

theme party game: Have each table create the funniest mixtape playlist out of random words, phrases, CAH cards, etc.

What To Wear To An Eighties Party - Barbie Outfit

5 Outfits to Rock at Your Next 80s Theme Party -

totally awesome Rubik’s cube balloon decorations.

We took this theme over the top with these totally awesome Rubick’s cube balloon decorations. We are able to work props into our balloon decorations.

Totally 80s Party Supplies - 80s Theme Party - Party City

Eighties Scene Setter Kit will cover you wall with leopard and zebra print, boomboxes and sunglasses, all in bright neon colors.

Fun 80's theme party food- have Petra make this cake!

you could totally recreate the entire Pacman screen with cupcakes, a sheet cake cut to make the boundaries, and small round cakes to make pacman and the ghosts!