love all of these tights/shoes combinations. how to make them look not-costumey in modern day?

shoes and tights. I remember the comments about the 'net curtain' tights! Shoes from the were so dapper.

Realistic 60s-Inspired Photoshoots - The Vogue Germany 'Zeitsprung' Editorial Stars Edie Campbell (GALLERY)

Realistic 60s-Inspired Photoshoots guant 60's shoes

Authentic Vintage Yellow Mod Mary Jane by VintageShenanigans.and I love vintage stuff!

Bright yellow dresses with white stripes & yellow Mary Jane shoes 1960's

1960s Dresses - A Rainbow of 50 Dresses (Pictures)

1960s Shoes-- I remember wearing similar shoes. Quite often there were handbags to match.

Pilgrim flats inspired by century shoes. Designers took the overall Pilgrim look and modified the design into something more casual. Instead of adding bulky shoe buckles the designers added shapes and patterns onto the toe box that mimicked the