Common Parenting Rules that Should be Broken House rules for summer 2013- 6 rules for a 6 year-old boy. All phrased in the positive.
You’ve seen this graphic before. It started as a high schooler’s Pinterest caption on this amazing ice skating rink proposal (arguably one of the first ninja photographer captured propo…
This high-energy, low-tech game can be used in any subject area, with almost any age. Perfect for a review. Continue Reading →

How to Play Crumple & Shoot

Proposals are the epic surprise. They're a declaration of love and an opportunity to be creative! They are meant to be fun and romantic. In the end of the day though, the best ones are about the couple and not the spectacle--Although epic isn't a bad thing ;)

7 Commandments of Proposing

I can't stress the fact that it needs to be a surprise! Also if like to add 7. Make sure our families are involved but not present and 8. Make the proposal unique to us
A full week of fun and engaging plans for Middle School (and upper elementary) that focus on community building, going over class agreements (rules)/ procedures and group dynamics. ($)

Back to School for Middle School: 1 Week Tried & True Activities

Last school year, I made drastic changes in my classroom management system. Due to a schoolwide initiative, my behavior “clip chart” system ended, and in turn, school rules were replaced with a language that promoted growth mindset. I was determined to epitomize this with my students and end hearing

From Literature to Science: Should the Subject Affect How a Teacher Incorporates Growth Mindset?

MANDATORY! (Side note: it's kind of sad how we have to make this known now. Ah how times have changed!)
Somebody tell my future husband this please. Minus the nails thing, that I don't care about :p
Kaboom! This is easily the BEST CENTER GAME EVER! It's fun, engaging, easily adaptable to ANY content, and it never ends!  It's the perfect activity for your fast finishers, and great for practicing math facts and sight words!  Definitely a classroom MUST HAVE!

Kaboom! Possibly The Best Center Game Ever