Bright pink shots that taste just like birthday cake! Or strawberry milk!!!

Birthday Cake Shots

Bright pink shots that taste just like birthday cake! tsp Betty crocker pink gel food color / cup Betty crocker ready-to-spread vanilla frosting / cup Rainbow sprinkles / 1 cup Baileys irish cream or godiva white chocolate liqueur / 1 cup Cake vodka

The perfect excuse for adults to throw themselves Disney-themed parties: Disney cocktails!

29 Disney-Themed Cocktails You Need To Try ASAP

Birthday Cake Shot for my BIRTHDAY!.. yes yes instead of a big ol cake

cake shots 1 ounce cake flavoured vodka (e. Pinnacle or Three Olives) 1 teaspoon dry white cake mix ounce whipped cream flavoured vodka (e. Pinnacle) or chocolate liqueur ounce half & half fat cream) whipped cream (for topping) sprinkles (for topping)

Birthday Cake Martini... This looks cute, not sure how it'd taste though

Freakin’ Weekend

rthday Cake Martini Ingredients: 2 ounces whipped vodka ounces amaretto 1 ounce white chocolate liqueur 2 ounces half and half Honey and sprinkles for garnish

Birthday Cake Pudding Shots.. Served at the bar during dessert time at the wedding??

Birthday Cake Pudding Shots

Going to a Birthday Party? Why not bring Birthday Pudding Shots! They are super simple and will really impress your friends! Also if you were intrigued by my post about Pudding Shot Cupcakes, . Love everything Fun-Fetti!


How to make Blackberry Mojito

Check out this recipe for a Blackberry Mojito, made with fresh fruit, mint, lime juice, rum + club soda for a sweet drink this summer.

{Adult} Cherry Limeade- {i love} my disorganized life

(Adult) Cherry Limeade

{Adult} Cherry Limeade - {i love} my disorganized lifeIngredients 4 oz Cherry flavored vodka {I used Smirnoff} 6 maraschino cherries, without stems 2 maraschino cherries, with stems 1 lime Lemon-Lime soda

Pretty pink adult punch. I like this. Maybe a version without alcohol for me & one with for those that need a little more by the end of all the family at the party.

Moscato Strawberry Lemonade Mrsdickwalker- made a double batch of this for bridal shower. Light and refreshing. I used regular pink moscato instead of sparkling and upped the vodka by cup. Used Koolaid brand lemonade.