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КРЫСЫ ИЗ BELLINGCAT И МАЛАЗИЙСКИЙ БОИНГ. Туповатый британский юмор создателей названия так и не принял во внимание, что вся команда «обманщиков кошки» – это крысы. Грязные, вонючие, пронырливые крысы… Фото: Правда о гибели рейса MH-17 не нужна ни Bellingcat, ни их кураторам…… Аки пунктуальный западный Санта-Клаус, ...

Woo hoo... Donna.... you should know this about my jerk of a husband that you are cheating with!

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Divorce: When being wrong every day for being alive isn't working for you anymore. ...if interested, for more ecards, you can check out my board here:

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Typical narcissist. They are fundamentally selfish, egocentric, and power-hungry. Though they lack empathy for others, they are ridiculously sensitive to criticism and often play the victim in order to manipulate people. It's all part of the disorder.

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The best karma, is watching your cheating partner inflict the same pain on their new lover. You thought it was funny to see me suffer? I get it now! It is funny to watch you go thru it!

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Like this pic ? See more on my Pinterest : @theylovecyn_

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Moist Content

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Media: Shows you what they want you to see - Always remember that!

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