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I'm a complex woman . . . .

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*eats chocolate* *remembers weight goal* *feels sad while eating chocolate*

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Stop trying to make everybody happy. You aren't chocolate.-Toby Mac #speaklife

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Chocolate: "Chocolate is to women what duct tape is to men: It fixes everything."

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nursing school is getting worse, please send STAT! @Ansley Elizabeth @Audrey Gailey @Kara Wynkoop @Reagan Cumbie @Catie Adams

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Ashley loves anything chocolate <-- Didn't write this but obviously it's so true I had to pin this lol #coincidence

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"I don't understand how people can have one piece of chocolate and call it "splurging"If I splurge, I'm eating 2 bags of chips, a pint of ice cream, and 6 cupcakes"

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Happiness is...Belfine chocolate in your mouth. Check out

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Sunday brunch

This will be your new call sign that the Loo needs you Jayme!! @jme2116 @cala10 @heathermarie048

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My blood type is #chocolate #humor

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