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Check out A rant about California's latest gun control propositions at

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Gun Control... it's really VERY simple ~@guntotingkafir SUPPORT THE SECOND AMMENDMENT

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gun humor more like an hour for the police to get out here for us when it should only take15mins

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Facebook Tuesday …..

Women and all Americans have the right to defend themselves and their families against rape or assault or violent crimes. Unfortunately most Democrats and liberals do not see that or want others to defend themselves. When seconds count the polices are minutes away. You are the first responder to your situation.

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Facebook Saturday!

Gun control! - Ha More

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If you don't want guns, Obama, let's see how long you last without being being protected BY them.

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Gun Control Humor

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27 Signs You Are Actually Batman

Be ready before it's too late Liberalism doesn't make sense.....never has. More

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History is repeating itself through Gun Control, and the only one's that don't see it are the sheople that follow Obama like a shephard. Ban Gun Control!

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I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around,... | Clint Eastwood Picture Quotes | Quoteswave

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Update On “Car Stops” And The Bundy Ranch Scene: Sandman Sends

But the founding fathers only wanted people to have guns to hunt. RIGHT.

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Impromptu Gun Control Post

If this traffic stop happened this way, this woman is AWESOME!

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Funny quotes. Humor. Gun enthusiasts. Guns. Wife. Wives. Life quotes. Strong woman. Strong women. Females with guns. Female with gun. Gun control. Empowering women. Girls with guns. Guns.

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Ammo and Gun Collector: Gun Humor / Support the 2nd Amendment

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Funny, my health premiums went up 154% in the last three years, and they cover only about 60% of what they used to.....

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...WOMEN Human Trafficking Alert for Hong Kong: Ravi Dahiya, sex trafficker, born 1970, from India, 45, tall, white hair, eyeglasses hunts women at Hong Kong Airport, both bus & plane travellers, for fake modelling agency work, front for sex trafficking AKA Ravinder Dahiya, trafficker......#RaviDahiyaTraffickerHK.....

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