Balloon Relay Games | Balloon Pop Relay Race

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This is one of the funniest big groups games. This suits best as a teenage party game with all youth in the group. You can also arrange this funny party game in a teenage birtheday party.

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unwrap hershey kisses and also use the gloves (oversized) to carry a 'snowball marshmellow' on a spoon. to a bowl.

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Relay Race Tic Tac Toe. You only have 3 items per team (there is never a cats game), so after the 1st three people go, the next people go and move one of their items to a new place. Lots of creative ways to switch this up (create obstacles, 3 legged races, crab walk over to it, etc)

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This game involves a paper/plastic plate and a ping pong ball. Tell kids they must pretend to be a waiter and get it to the other side without dropping the "food"

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hoop relay and more great outdoor activities

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Beach Ball Race- kids work together to hold beach ball between their backs for the first leg of the race, then their sides, then elbows. The field Day Challenge is halfway down on web site & includes water relay, tricycle race, and tug-of-war. Check it out!

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Lots of fun Relay Races for parties

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Relay Games: If you want to get everyone laughing, relays are the way to do it. Such a good time! Whether it's passing beach balls back and forth between your knees to passing oranges under your chin, relays that get everyone involved just always result in funny stuff to talk about later.

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5 summer relay games for family reunions | How Does She

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