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O. M. G. Black people humor

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Ahhhh tumblr and of course typical nonwhite people acting like only white people think of stupid shit.

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What Whites Will Never Know • My Open Letter to White People or Why I Hate White People. Pinner here: I am white. If you are white, I encourage you to read this. We can't see our privilege; that's how privilege works. Let's dismantle it.

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Lol Follow me on Pinterest: @bre951

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✝Pinterest: @badgalronnie ✝

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Pardon the vulgarity but this makes me laugh! Diabetes tastes reeeeal good.

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white people jokes are funny and true... there's no harm in these

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White people be like. ...

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The Parrot They All Fear

HA! I had a Lutino (no melanin, so almost white with orange cheeks) Cockatiel and 9 regular Grays. They treated her like SHIT! They were totally against the no-color girl.

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