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Ran, Miki, Su, Dia, Kiseki, Pepe, Temari, Rhythm, Kusukusu and Yoru

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I absolutely love Amu Hinamori's fashion from Shugo Chara.

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shugo chara ikuto and amu- I want him to hold me like that. D:

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Utau and Amu

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tsukiyomi ikuto from shugo chara and thanks to pinterest, i was able to know about this anime...

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Ikuto and Amu - Shugo Chara. I seriously don't get why she gets so annoyed with him. Really?

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ikuto and amu kiss! - amuxikutoxame

Shugo Chara Amu and Ikuto | ikuto and amu kiss! - anime:shugo chara musica:strange-tokio hotel ...

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Amu Hinamori

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Hinamori Amu

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