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How to make armour: Making a Coif - Medieval Padded Arming Cap

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Малыши прохладный мальчика дети младенческой зима пилот-авиатора теплая шапка шляпа шапочка mulit вариант цвета

Рис. 45. Чертеж раскроя круглой головки: АВРЕ - половина окружности головы; ММ - первая глубина; ББ - вторая глубина

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Шляпа Авиатора Le Frivole, One Size


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The patterns to follow are for a leg armour of the early fourteenth century, but they are also ideal for hidden armour, that is, armour designed to be worn under fabric. Hidden leg armour is useful for making combat-safe armours for those periods when leg armour was not worn, for instance a viking or late period landskeneckt.

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En vikingkjole blir til.

En vikingkjole blir til. | Point of view

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Bycocket hat pattern. High fashion of the 14th century.

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Coif pattern, thank heavens.

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Here is another coif pattern.

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