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Украина декоммунизирует интернаты и детдома: сирот вышвырнут на улицу После сноса памятников и переименования улиц в Украине взялись за детские учреждения — их будут декоммунизировать. Школы и детские садики с лагерями уже давно превратились в «гитлерюгенды», где детей учат «Азбуке патриота» и показывают, как правильно ставить свечи в годовщину ...

Anschrift der Schule in Neu-Urbach Samara Новоантоновка Советский район, Саратовская область, Россия Лучшие государственные частные начальные средние вечерние школы гимназии лицеи интернаты центры образования Новоантоновки

"Я бы туда не отправил даже семилетнюю собаку"

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British boarding school library. This and Hogwarts make me wish I went to boarding school.


17 Cool Things You Need To Do To Your Dorm Room In 2017

College dorm rooms are generally something that, in their most basic, truest form, tend not to be considered particularly aesthetically pleasing. At any given dormitory at an institution of higher learning (or boarding school, for that matter) you’ll probably get some combination of the following: fluorescent lighting, off-white cinderblock walls, and yellowing linoleum floors that appear to have seen their best days around the Bush Administration. (The first one, that is.)


"Hey." She said, pausing in front of me. "It's been awhile...." "Yeah, it has." I answered, avoiding her bold gaze.


10 Creepy Abandoned Boarding Schools - Urban Ghosts

At one time, the Jacob Tome School for Boys in Maryland – also called the Old Tome School – was considered one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in the United States. Tragically, in December of 2014, a fire engulfed several of the most prominent buildings on the campus, including a clock tower that had served as a landmark for decades.


100 REASONS WE LOVE OUR SCHOOL AND FIRST GRADE (Classroom bulletin-board, Catholic Schools Week, Valentine's Day, 100th Day of School)


Get Inspired by These 8 Creative School Library Ideas! These ideas that will help you jazz up your media center all year round.


Tiny Handcuffs: A Sad History

These are actual tiny child handcuffs used by the U.S. government to restrain…