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Homemade Flea shampoo, mix together and put in an old shampoo or squeeze bottle, massage in and it works great it left my pug's fur soft and fluffy, smells better than a store bought flea shampoo!


Homemade Flea Shampoo!!! 1 cup Dawn dish soap 1 cup white vinegar 1 quart warm water Directions:Mix the three ingredients and put into squeeze bottle. Give it a little shake to make sure it is mixed. Apply to your dog just as you would normal shampoo. Massage into fur and let sit for 5 minutes. Rinse dog thoroughly with warm water. Towel dry.


4 Sons 'R' Us: Natural Flea Shampoo For Dogs 1 cup Dawn 1 cup Vinegar 1 quart warm water (Tried this today [12/3/2013] and it definitely seemed to work. Not sure how long it will keep the fleas off, but it killed the ones that were there and the short haired dogs coats are shiny and the long haired dog is soft & fluffy. They all smell nice too. ~J)

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All-Natural Anti-Flea Dog Shampoo

Naturally Mindful: All-Natural Anti-Flea Dog Shampoo


Combine 1 Cup Water 1 T. Castile Soap 3 drops Peppermint 3 drops Lavender 2 drops Purify 1 drop Cedarwood

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5 All Natural DIY Grooming How-Tos For Your Pup

This will change the way you look at oatmeal.


Oh My Gluestick: Homemade DOG SCRUB flea treatment shampoo. DIY flea killer for pets: mix half a container of iodized salt & a few squirts of the blue Dawn dish soap to get the consistency of a good salt scrub. don't want it too runny or dry. Scrub pets, rinse, careful not to get in eyes. Dawn is the source of killing fleas. Massaging salt in the skin helps to kill flea eggs that were laid.

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using apple cider vinegar for natural flea prevention and control

Spray recipe is as follows: • 8 oz of Apple Cider Vinegar • 4 oz of warm water • 1/2 teaspoon of salt • 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda Mix the salt and baking soda together, then add the mixture to the water and ACV mix in a spray bottle. Shake gently, as the mixture will foam. Apply to your pet and comb or massage through fur. Be careful not to spray in your pet's eyes (or your own) because it will sting, and do not use on open cuts our wounds. it has "the mother,".

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Dry Shampoo For Itchy & Stinky Dogs

Dry Shampoo For Itchy & Stinky Dogs - My Own Home

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DIY Flea Removal

Mix one cup liquid dish soap, one cup white vinegar, and one quart of warm water in a large bowl. Transfer the mix into a squeeze bottle (like an old shampoo or body wash bottle). Shake before using. Wash your dog with mix as you normally would. Try to allow the mixture to sit for about five minutes before rinsing out.