Балет крови / Ballet of Blood (2015/WEB-DL/WEB-DLRip) Во время тренировки одна из балерин по имени Ниса врывается на репетицию и открывает огонь, после чего сбегает. После происшествия все ученицы балетной школы испытывают чувство страха, стараясь собрать воедино детали, заставившие Нису попытаться устроить расстрел одноклассниц. Всплывают частые унижения, оскорбления, эмоциональные расстройства, приставания со стороны преподавательницы танцев… Близкую подругу Нисы, Рию, прячут в лечебнице…

Never make someone your priority if you remain their option. From PositiveShelter.com

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but sadly... those expectations enable us to let our own selves down. :(

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you eventually learn to trust no one. Being alone sucks but at least you don't have to worry about being let down or hurt again...

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Sometimes You Just Need to Distance Yourself

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Drapetomani: an overwhelming urge to run away

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unrequited love quote - Google-søgning

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Sometimes people are intimidated by you, insecure around you or try to belittle you because they see your greatness and potential for success. When you feel that push back or put down from people around you … it’s not about you. They are showing you their insecurities. Don’t allow insecure or small thinking people to ruin your day, steal your peace or take you off track from your purpose.

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Some people aren't loyal to you...they are loyal to their need of you...once their needs change, so does their loyalty.

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Do sociopaths / Narcissists get karma? Does it seem unfair, that there are people on this planet, that can walk all over other people, doing what they like, repeating that pattern of behaviour with different people, and yet they seem to be fine, while your own life is falling down. You might ask the question ‘where is their karma’ and feel cheated at the injustice in this life.

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