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I have found as I've gotten old that there are few people in your life who you can truly count on and I appreciate them with all my heart!

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Feeling unappreciated is one of the worst feelings. Don't let yourself be taken for granted

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Never take them for granted. No matter how much someone loves you, everyone has their limit of feeling unappreciated. - Charles Orlando

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Communication is a 2 way street. Don't be mad that you haven't heard from me when you never once have reached out to me either.

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quotes about feeling unappreciated | Quotes About Living - Doe Zantamata

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Feeling unappreciated? NOT TO FORGET! Spreading a little extra love to one mom at a time from Butterfly Heart Blog.

7 Qualities of A Good Friend

And still don't realize! And if someone else does what you did under the radar gets glorified

quotes on being visible - Pesquisa Google

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I need to stop doing things for people who wouldn't do things for me Picture Quote #1