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Гидролизат Протеинов кукурузы, 50 мл Это настоящий помощник в борьбе с морщинами и старостью кожи! Гидролизат кукурузы подтягивает кожу, убирает морщины, освежает и тонизирует. Подарите себе молодость! #гидролизат #мыло_опт #чистка_лица #очищение_пор #красивая_кожа #органическая_косметика #натуральная_косметика #экологически_чистый #не_вызывает_аллергию #подтягивает_кожу #омалаживает #питает_кожу

Удобное устройство для чистки кукурузы #КУКУРУЗА #ЧИСТКА

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Shuck Corn Easily - cook in the husk, cut off the end, then squeeze the cob out (holding the silk end)

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This is the best way to cook corn and not have to shuck it. If you haven't seen this short video, you've got to watch it! What a time saver. I've been passing it on for years and everyone says, I can't believe it, it really works!

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The Easiest (And Most Unexpected) Way To Shuck Corn

Brilliant!! The Easiest Way To Shuck Corn: In The Microwave

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Smart Tip: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Shuck Corn Is With Your Microwave — America's Test Kitchen

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MOMMY ON DEMAND: How to shuck corn on the cob- I did each ear for 4 minutes and had to squeeze them out, but it worked. I did boil it more after that for about 7 minutes.

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The Easiest Way To Shuck Corn! | The Meredith Vieria Show

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Can You Really Use Your Microwave to Shuck Corn? — Putting Tips to the Test in

Can You Really Use Your Microwave to Shuck Corn?

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10 Modest Kitchen area Organization And DIY Storage Ideas 1

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