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Sagittarius traits... now I know why you and I like so many of the same things :)

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Sag traits - good and bad ..

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I sometimes enjoy reading these little zodiac things

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sagittarius | My Favorite Sagittarius Compatibilities

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I had to climb to get to where I'm at, if you want to get there, you're gonna…

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Sagittarius - SO true! I just want an honest, up front answer as to how you feel.

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Zodiac Sagittarius on a bad day. For much more on the zodiac signs, click here.

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Sagittarius Facts: They love sharing stories and anything interesting. They are curious and will not hesitate to ask questions, because they hate not knowing. They can look emotionally distant, but they have big hearts!

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I need to be better at not hiding my feelings #itsgoodtotalk

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Zodiac Sagittarius Traits. – Always trying to do nice things for people but no one seems to notice, life of a Sagittarius.

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