Boneless skinless chicken breast recipes you can easily make on your Foreman Grill! Take a look at some of these terrific recipes!

Delicious Foreman Grill Chicken Recipes

How to Cook Chicken on a George Foreman Grill | eHow

How to Cook Chicken on a George Foreman Grill

Easy and perfect bacon on your George Foreman Grill. No mess, no fuss, no curling - just the best damn perfect bacon you've ever made!

Bacon – Perfect and Easy

Grilled Beef Steak Kebabs for your George Foreman Grill. You have to try this. It is super easy to make and the taste will blow you away!

Foreman Grill Steak Kebabs

quick herb marinade for grilled chicken
How to Use the George Foreman Grill for the Best Lemon Garlic Chicken: Grilled Chicken

George Foreman Grill Chicken: Lemon Garlic

Homemade Burritos on the Grill

17 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Your Foreman Grill

This Very Greek Grilled Chicken is #LowCarb, #GlutenFree, and #Paleo it's has been the most popular recipe on my blog for a few months now! The recipe features chicken marinated with Greek flavors and then grilled. And if it's too cold to grill outside, this is delicious cooked on a stove-top grill pan or George Foreman grill. [from]

Very Greek Grilled Chicken

Lemon Pepper Chicken - This chicken is CRAZY delicious! Only 5 ingredients! SO simple! olive oil, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, lemon pepper and salt. The chicken is so tender and juicy. It has TONS of great flavor. We like to double the recipe for leftovers. Everyone loves this easy grilled chicken.

Lemon Pepper Chicken

Here's the perfect recipe to make boneless skinless chicken breast that's easy, juicy and delicious right on your George Foreman Grill.

Quick and Easy George Foreman Grill Chicken