I like these skinny girl quotes!! :) make me feel like there otherw people who are like me, hate  having to see girls put us down!

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YES. i'm sorry if this offends any of my curvy friends  - but you don't realize how much this tears us apart. people envy and even hate us for aspects of our bodies that they don't have.. and then they turn right around and say skinny girls are totally unattractive and what guys "really" like are "real women" with curves! wake up call: mixed messages really suck.
Of course I eat!? I just don't swell up like you do, fat ass...@Marcy Valencia Valencia-Gale Hilario
This eternal reminder of how awkward it is to sit when you’re wearing shorts.

17 Pictures That Sum Up The Life Of A Really Skinny Girl

No idea at all!!  Im hungry right now!
Because calling someone fat is rude... But picking on someone skinny is completely fine... Yeah, cuz that makes sense
Everyone thinks I'm weak just because I am skinny.  Everyone always says "I'll get that it might be to heavy" when its like 25 pounds. Like WTF