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I like these skinny girl quotes!! :) make me feel like there otherw people who are like me, hate having to see girls put us down!

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"Skinny girl problem #3:I'm always cold. Unless it's around 80 degrees. Anything below 75 is just nope."

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Skinny Girl Problem 129: Wanting to eat so much food but getting full after two bites..... | Confession Ecard |

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I just have a very high metabolism as a result of my CP (I use energy 3 to 5 times faster than people without it).

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I feel like this is on a thin, thin line of being conceited and stupid but people's rude comments as of late are getting a little ridiculous.

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skinny girl problems-- yup. Have to do this all the time.

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No idea at all!! Im hungry right now!

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YES. i'm sorry if this offends any of my curvy friends - but you don't realize how much this tears us apart. people envy and even hate us for aspects of our bodies that they don't have.. and then they turn right around and say skinny girls are totally unattractive and what guys "really" like are "real women" with curves! wake up call: mixed messages really suck.

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Skinny shaming is just much of a thing as fat shaming. Both are just as bad as each other

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No I do not have an eating disorder. No I do not diet. I am skinny because I thats just who I am. 430506_559543320753258_101083902_n.png (500457) more funny pics on facebook:

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