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every time we touch. I know it doesn't matter much to you today. someday I hope…

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I'm not denying it, we have the perfect chemistry

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Or just the way his words took her to a whole other place...magical.

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I was looking around the room then I saw you. you locked eyes with me for about 3 grinned and gave a small giddy smile and then you looked down and the ground and smiled bigger. I'll never forget that look. I don't care of it was years ago. It was embedded into every fiber of me.

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23 Quotes You Should Never Forget

Sadly its the truth.....

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it is all so complicated.. shouldnt it be just the one person you love who should take u places...

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flirty quotes... More

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There's you, there's me, and then, there's the craving in between.

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When two souls fall in love -Lang Leav via Word Porn

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speech 1“The chemistry of mind is different from the chemistry of love. The mind is careful, suspicious, he advances little by little. It advises, “Be careful, protect yourself.” Whereas love says, “Let yourself, go!” The mind is strong, rarely falls down, while love hurts itself, falls into ruins. But isn’t it in ruins that we mostly find the treasures? A broken heart hides so many treasures.” ~Shams TabriziVIA ~ Project Happiness

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