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Stalking... Just an FYI. Cheers Bitch!

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"Fabulous" life () & still so worried about little old me? Hmmm... #Iamprettyamazing #Igetit

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Yes bitch, keep stalking me, we are very happy u dirty skank.

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I'm sorry, I guess you didn't get the memo. You have officially been removed from my life so you can stop stalking me any day now.

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It's time to move on, my dear. lovequotesrus: Photo Courtesy: nowherestoner

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Since you, your mother & the assistant principal at your daughter's school all like to stalk my page (and were dumb enough to "like" some of my pins.....), I'll make it worth it for you all! Ill keep posting, y'all keep stalking! Have a great day! :)

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Get help and your future self will thank you for it More

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Bitter & ugly ex's who try to get with you 100 times after you break up with them when you turn them down they turn bitter trying to destroy your life even after 20 years-losers "20 years & still obsessed with me-I'm that amazing" I turned them down so they tell everyone they don't want me & then try to destroy any relationship because they want to be with me this is called obsession to another degree. Stop stalking me-I don't like BALD, broke, and ugly. Actually guys like this are doing you…

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ThanksI see that since I blocked you on Facebook you have taken up stalking me on Pinterest. I must be very interesting. awesome pin

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LOL Yep. I don't give a flying fuck what you think!

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