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money greed quotes - Yahoo Image Search Results

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You can have it all... but be careful what you wish for. Greed, in the end, is a lonely road.

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greed quotes - Bing Images

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Some people need to realize the meaning of integrity

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Earth was designed to provide for us, and we should take care of it and respect it! Stop being greedy trashy and wasteful!

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It's terribly dismaying how many seemingly "decent" people are willing to employ unscrupulous tactics in order to attain their selfish agenda. Sometimes I am speechless as to others' abilities to disappoint.

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quotes about money and greed

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In my 20's I've learned that lesson the hard way. I give and give, and it never seems to be good enough. I try my hardest. Have felt like I didn't try at all. So today I made the decision of not caring about anyone who doesn't truly care about me. Call me a b**ch, guess what??!!! I no longer care.

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