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Stand Together Print Unity Quote Watercolor by thewheatfield

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Unity in a family...immediate or very very important. Swallow your pride cuz tomorrow may never come.

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Section 2: We need to help the church become human and divine through Jesus' word. This will help us to become united.

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Togetherness - A quote by Mother Teresa. Something that is so true in every facet of our lives!

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So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth. – Bahai Writings

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I share this old quote with a heavy heart. And as I share this rant I send love to all those who have been hurt in all the violence this year and my hopes to all the rest that you do not become jaded or violent. The violence in the U.S. is at a flash point. One would think that our extraordinary freedoms would encourage more unity and thoughtful responses to the shootings. It's frustrating for all of us to see the daily killings, outrage and hurt. People want to riot. People are angry. You…

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Individually we are a drop but together, we are an ocean. Ryunosuke Satoro Quote About Unity

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10 Words of Wisdom From the Late Maya Angelou

Diversity: Every person that you encounter is unique to our world. This is true in our classrooms. Each child comes form a different family, in a different background, and have different beliefs. All of that is okay! Everyone is allowed to be different and should be accepted for being their self.

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The power that comes when women link arms.

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"Unity does not mean sameness. It means oneness of purpose." ~ Priscilla Shirer

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