The challenge in life is to keep going thru all it throws at you

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Some of the friends I know, Have gone through this time of immense pain, To find themselves more blessed than when they began

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!!! versatile blog

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"We need more people who are willing to demonstrate what it looks like to risk and endure failure, disappointment, and regret—people willing to feel their own hurt instead of working it out on other people, people willing to own their stories, live their values, and keep showing up." Brené Brown, Rising Strong

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Totally PE. I was running and had to run a couple more laps and I started thinking about walking but then I had to do the whole thing over again but I KEPT RUNNING

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Endurance is more mental than physical, and once your ready mentally, you can accomplish anything!

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This is what makes Tolkien's work so good: the moral victories are seen as more important than mere tactical achievements, and that is why they conquer in the end.

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Monday Motivation: 5 Inspiring Quotes That I found on Pinterest from Tony Yeung Toronto Social Media Marketing Specialist

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A lie has speed, but truth has endurance.

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someone said this to me after my dad passed away when I was in high school, and it has always stuck with me. I find myself sharing it with others frequently when they are going through a difficult time, and i was pleasantly surprised to see it tonight :)

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