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Soul mates minds are connected from birth

There’s an old tale that says soul mates’ minds are connected from birth. When you can’t sleep, your soul mate can’t sleep either. So next time you’re laying awake, know that somewhere, someone is laying awake, too. #love #romantic #quotes

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Omg exactly what I'm doing! This is the first one I saw when I typed it in lol

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TheMotivatedType on Etsy

Damn it I hate this feeling, I hate that you don't miss me ! I hate that I can't stop missing you

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I Can't Sleep - 36 Most Popular Love Quotes

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Cant sleep - OMG!!! My life story! My fellow insomniacs...tell me you relate!

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Was awoke at 3. And wide awake. Now I know. Someone was up pinning. If you could stop thinking about me. Thad be great.

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I think the most common cause of insomnia is simple; it's loneliness.

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Even though you walk out of my life just want you to know u were one of my greatest chapters in my life.

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When you cannot sleep at night, have you ever thought maybe it's God saying, "We need to talk and you now have time".

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