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Просим принять меры к Баевой Елене Евгеньевне, проживающей г. Астрахань, ул. Луконина 12 кв. 29, работающей в ООО "Профит" Адрес: г. Астрахань, ул. Н.Островского, д.54, к.1 медицинской сестрой кабинета функциональной диагностики, которая вместе со своей подругой Прохоровой Элей жестоко истребляет бездомных кошек. Елена Баева, владелица двух такс натравливает своих собак на бездомных кошек с нашего района, а потом стоит и наблюдает как её собаки разрывают бедное животное на части. При попытке…

Thai Elephant Orchestra: Started in 2001, this orchestra features up to 14 elephants playing string and percussion instruments. Their CDs go to support elephant conservation.

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CALLING ALL PINNERS!!! TO SIGN and SHARE!!! Our INNOCENT NATIVE HORSES are victim's of cruelty and neglect. Not enough food, denied water in 100 degrees, death & injuries from inhumane round up's, babies injured and starved to death because of such neglect. YOUR TAX DOLLARS helped capture his mommy. Then she was sold to slaughter leaving him behind to starve. Please help end this. Please Sign petition (click on picture) & Share to help end this. Photo credit: Laura Leigh

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Beno the Bear Dies at Surabaya Zoo! JOIN THE WORLDWIDE OUTCRY! Demand vast improvements for the poor remaining animals living in "HELL ON EARTH" at the Surabaya Zoo. PLZ Sign x2 & Share!

Look at his face as he boils in that pot. Please sign the petition: DON'T BUY PRODUCTS FROM KOREA. | against animal cruelty, animal abuse | support animal rights


Horses, the forgotten victims of bullfighting... The men on horseback are called picadors. These men drive lances into the bull's neck and back, resulting in more injuries and blood loss and disabling him from lifting his neck or head. Picadors are usually not injured. Any injuries inflicted by the confused, exhausted bull are usually to the picador's horse