Braid damp hair with twisted pieces of foil to get pretty curls.

12 Easy And Cheap Ways To Transform Your Hair Without Heat

Wrap your hair around your finger then carefully wrap with tinfoil. Do this to all your hair, then heat each foil with a flat iron. Wait until completely cooled then, viola! super curls!

How to Wave Your Hair

Gorgeous and Bouncy Waves Tutorial | Beauty Tutorials - even for those of us with wavy/curly hair, could be nice if they look this smooth when you're done!        For all the gals that have been asking...this is my curl-go to trick! :) Enjoy!Pin now read later - Click image to find more Hair & Beauty Pinterest pins
Ultimate curly hair. I know it looks like one of those pinterest tutorials that never actually works but honestly this does. Curliness depends on how much hair you put in the tin foil. Remember: you're just heating it, NOT BURNING IT

Unexpected hairstyles you can pull off with your straightener, besides just straighten it

Make a Gorgeous and Bouncy Waves Hairstyle
No heat tin foil curls
Tin foil curls with dutch headband braid