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Оформление Е. Когана. Рисунки И. Година, А. Парамонова, А. Иткина, В. Высоцкого. В конце каждого тома примечания. С о д е р ж а н и е: т. 1. - И. Халтурин. Предисловие. - Сомбреро. - Малахов Курган. - Победа моря. т. 2. - Александр Суворов. - Рассказы о Кутузове. - Емельян Пугачев. - Тысяча женихов и невест. - Великий камень. - Пароход на суше. - Кормовой флаг "Громобоя". т. 3. - В октябре. - Красный бакен. - С мешком за смертью. - Тайна Ани Гай. - Паровоз Эт 5324. - Тонькин танк. - Белый

Tale of the Blue City on Garden, Bronze boy. This is good, intelligent works of contemporary children. They create an amateur film studio with a camera and fearlessly engage in a struggle for the honor and dignity of their peers. Bronze boy - a fascinating story, in which there is an encrypted email from a friend of the deceased mother, and the fate of people puzzles. who lived a long time ago, and the story of the old Russian frigate Raphael. And a boy Quintela,

Новиков-Прибой М.С. Цусима.


The book provides a broad panorama of the occult. In it the reader will find explanations of concepts such as Kabbalah, astrology, alchemy, palmistry, as well as get a glimpse of the magical operations. His offer a number of practical recommendations for the development of abilities to meditation, apprehension, telepathy, etc.

Тмогвели, Саргис. Висрамиани

Герои остросюжетных повестей "Преступник" и "Задание", вошедших в сборник,- так называемые трудные подростки. Стараниями работников уголовного розыска многие из несовершеннолетних правонарушителей возвращаются к нормальной жизни.Рисунки и оформление А.Андреева.

Aurelio Peccei - Italian scientist manager and social activist, founder and president of the Club of Rome, studied the global patterns of human development. A.Pechchei - author of books and documents on global issues and sustainable development. He was vice-president of the company «Olivetti», a member of the administrative board of the company "Fiat".

The new collection of Andrei Bitov indicates the return of the famous Soviet writer to the same themes, but enriched with new comprehension. Here the product and love, and about the nature and philosophical fiction stories. `In the team: a taste of what was, what is, it would be ... Apothecary island Funeral doctor, scattered light, for I am called lion ..., birds, or new information about the man, the man in the landscape, Teacher simmetrii.`

Репринтное воспроизведение издания 1873-1888 гг

Sales, described by the author in this story belong to one of the pages of heroic struggle of the Polish people against Nazi aggression. September 1, 1939, the day Nazi Germany attacked Poland, took the first blow of Hitler's hordes of defenders of the garrison at Westerplatte peninsula in Rheine Gdansk port. One hundred and fifty hours, seven days, from 1 to 7 September, fought bravely hundred eighty and two warrior against the fascists.