Оформление Е. Когана. Рисунки И. Година, А. Парамонова, А. Иткина, В. Высоцкого. В конце каждого тома примечания. С о д е р ж а н и е: т. 1. - И. Халтурин. Предисловие. - Сомбреро. - Малахов Курган. - Победа моря. т. 2. - Александр Суворов. - Рассказы о Кутузове. - Емельян Пугачев. - Тысяча женихов и невест. - Великий камень. - Пароход на суше. - Кормовой флаг "Громобоя". т. 3. - В октябре. - Красный бакен. - С мешком за смертью. - Тайна Ани Гай. - Паровоз Эт 5324. - Тонькин танк. - Белый

"Foundling from the dead" Cynthia "- the only novel written by Jules Verne in collaboration. Coauthor Jules Verne - Andre Laurie (pseudonym Pascal Grousset), a well-known journalist and an active participant in the Paris Commune. The novel tells the story of a shipwreck survivor accidentally boy, the formation of his character and to overcome the difficulties and obstacles in his path to erect American Theodore Browne. to prevent the young and energetic young man Eric Gersebomu learn…

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Publisher: L .: Chemistry Binding: solid; 332 pages; 1987

Хрестоматия по зарубежной литературе

In the handbook highlights the organization of outpatient care for people with various endocrine disorders. Describes the diagnosis, clinic and treatment of patients with diseases of the hypothalamic-pituitary, thyroid, adrenal glands, as well as congenital disorders of sexual differentiation.

About selfless work during the Great Patriotic War of inventors and innovators, which increased the combat capabilities of military equipment and weapons.

Tenth century. Ancient Russia on the eve of the historic choice: to be faithful to the pagan gods, or to convert to Christianity. In the center of the action-narrative fate of the great Prince Svyatoslav, his victories over the Khazars, Pechenegs and glorified by the Greeks and increase Russian land.

Снегирев Г. Верблюжья варежка.

he book includes well-known Uzbek folk tales. What are they? Strong and courageous heroes, guardians of the people's honor and glory, such a legendary Farhad. On the poor smart and greedy rich. About selfless friendship and love. About loyalty native land and the power, which fills a person with loyalty to the Fatherland. In an effort to introduce the Uzbek folk art widely as possible, the drafters included in the collection, and has long been prevailing among the people tales about animals…

This book will help young readers, using a set of simple tools at home make wood products for various purposes: tools, appliances, toys (cube "Soma" puzzle "Diabolo" et al.), Souvenirs, household items (baskets of fruit , tray, decorative candlestick et al.), household accessories, interior elements, and more. As a material for crafts can be used branches, roots of trees and bushes, industrial wood waste and so on. D. The book is very well illustrated.

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