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Canadian Flag (Maple Leaf) Mug Rug

(7) Name: 'Quilting : Canadian Flag (Maple Leaf) Mug Rug

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Над парламентом Канады торжественно подняли флаг ЛГБТ Премьер-министр Канады Джастин Трюдо торжественно вывесил цветной флаг ЛГБТ-сообщества у здания парламента. Фото и видео торжества Трюдо распространил в своем Facebook. Watch live as I join Randy Boissonnault in raising

The flag of Canada was officially adopted on February 15,1965.The Canadian Red Ensign,bearing the Union Jack and the shield of the royal arms of Canada,was lowered and then,on the stroke of noon,the new maple leaf flag was raised.The crowd sang the national anthem O Canada, followed by the royal anthem, God Save the Queen.The stylish red maple leaf has been the national symbol of Canada for over 150 years. Red and white are the official colors of Canada, proclaimed by King George V in 1921.

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canada flag 1965 - Recherche Google

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Canada's Provincial and Territorial Flag Stamps. Produced to celebrate Canada Day, July 1, 1979, this colourful sheet of stamp depicts the flags of the (then) 12 Provinces and Territories. Since then, Newfoundland and Labrador, here represented by the Union Jack (lower left), has its own new flag, and in 1999 the new territory of Nunavut was created.

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National Flag of Canada Day: A look at the forgotten runners-up to the beloved Maple Leaf

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I truly believe that Canada is the best country in the world. No matter what I do in the next five go ten years I will always have my home in Canada.

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