Подбираем макияж под фиолетовое платье фото, рекомендации
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Sona Gasparian’s tutorial for brown-eyed girls will inspire melodies to the likes of Van Morrison. While blue and green eyes may have been more coveted in the past, Gasparian proves once and for via @byrdiebeauty

Here's a Stunning Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

макияж голубые глаза пепельно-русый цвет волос
How to do the perfect smokey to make your green eyes pop
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simple step by step smokey eye tutorial for beginners

40 Hottest Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas 2017 & Smokey Eye Tutorials for Beginners

I have always envied my friends and the models I have worked with that have gorgeous full eyelids (yes, eyelids). They can have their eyes wide open and you can still see all of the beautiful hues ...

Top 10 Simple Makeup Tutorials For Hooded Eyes

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15 Easy Step By Step Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials for Beginners