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Greater Cross: Badge of the Order of St. Catherine (Russian) was an award of Imperial Russia. Instituted on November 24, 1714 by Peter the Great on the occasion of his marriage to Catherine I of Russia. For the majority of the time of Imperial Russia, it was the only award for ladies.


#Месседж Собственно говоря, Карлос Кастанеда – не тот человек, говоря о котором, можно было бы употреблять слово «факты». Мифы, слухи, домыслы – это да, сколько угодно. Но вот реальных фактов о нем известно немного. Карлос Кастанеда – одна из наиболее загадочных личностей. Он скрывал о себе буквально все. Он отказывался даже фотографироваться, и те немногие фото, которые все же существуют, были сделаны случайно. Во внешности Кастанеды не было ничего демонического. Невысокий, коренастый, он…

Collar of the Grand Master, plus exemplars of the Knights Cross, Order of Saint Hubert The Bavarian Order of Saint Hubert. Founded in 1444 or 1445 by Gerhard V, Duke of Jülich and Count of Ravensberg. He sought to commemorate his victory over the House of Egmond at the Battle of Linnich on 3 November, which is Saint Hubert's day. It also commemorated the conversion of Saint Hubert and his standing as the patron saint of hunters and knights.


Bruststern des Polnischen Weißen Adler-Ordens (Rubingarnitur) by Köhler, Johann Heinrich Jeweler Dresden 1722 - 1733 @ the Green vaults Dresden


A RARE RUSSIAN GOLD, ENAMEL AND DIAMOND GRAND CROSS BADGE OF THE IMPERIAL ORDER OF ST. CATHERINE, CIRCA 1800 the front with the enameled image of St. Catherine, the letters C.B.E. above her head, for Holy Martyr Catherine, the border and arms of the cross set with diamonds, the reverse enameled with an eagle's nest and inscribed in latin, "Share the Duties of Society." With an associated fitted leather case width 2 in. 5 cm


Order of the Star of India, George V's Sovereign's Badge, c. 1911, 89 x 58 mm.


Golden Fleece Order, neck badges, British Royal Collection: opal, sapphire, and diamond.


Russia, Order of St Alexander Nevsky circa 1837-39 A privately-made ‘black’ sash badge, in gold and enamels, unsigned and unmarked, circa 1837-39, in the form of a Maltese cross with dark red enamel gold-framed limbs of flat section, gold broad-winged Imperial eagles in angles, their wing tips almost touching, with central painted enamel portrait of St Alexander Nevsky on horseback right,


Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Alexandra Petrovna of Russia (1838-1900) née Her Imperial Highness Duchess Alexandra of Oldenburg


Badge of The Order of the Garter, cente set in two coloured gold with St George and the dragon in low relief against an enamelled sky, 1775 - 1800, 115 x 64mm.