Custom Painted Stools. $45.00, via Etsy. I think I see something for my Ms. Gonzalez's
Teacher's stool classroom decor classroom by Louisianabluebird
Perfect décor for teacher stool. Could add more color dots like purple, orange, bright blue and green. Then Miss Dimond in pink.
Awesome teacher stool TRADITION! Great idea!
Hooty's Homeroom: Painted Teacher Stool  I would use aqua and black and white for my new classroom
OK I absolutely adore this personalized teacher podium with matching stool. I'd do a Victorian theme, however.
My "Ms. B" stool I painted :)
Chevron and polka dot teacher stool! The top of the stool is coated with three coats of sparkle mod podge. I first spray painted the stool with a paint/primer. I then taped the chevron pattern. I used foam sponges to make the dots and touched them up by hand. I used glossy spray varnish to finish the stool.
A teacher stool for the classroom... maybe and element design for mine?
My "Ms. B" stool I painted :)
Custom hand-painted teacher's stool by @KenzieCurran of The South Pasture
Easy Stool Makeover! I have a stool and chair that would look amazing!
Teacher Stool DIY - Shenanigans in Second Grade
After many hours here is how my teacher stool turned out!  Sand, prime, paint. The chevron on the top is just paper with the letter painted on it!  Love it !!!
Want to paint me a stool for my classroom but with an owl instead of a ladybug.
Hand-painted 24'' Wooden World's Best Teacher Stool