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How to Teach Addition Without Using Fingers

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Teaching Addition with Popsicle Sticks - you could use any two different colored stuff around the house: straws, strips of colored paper, two different kinds of dried pasta/beans, etc.

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Regrouping with Sticky Notes

teaching addition with regrouping using sticky notes

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Math- Addition Cups!

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Making a 10 to Add step by step instructions on how to teach it in fun ways and lots of awesome ideas and resources to do it with!

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Life Size Ten Frame for teaching addition and subtraction to/from ten.

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Teaching Addition with Picture Books and Printables

These picture books will bring your math lessons to life! Introduce or reinforce addition with these picture books and my free activity pages for Kindergarten-3rd grade. |

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A Cupcake for the Teacher: Rainbow to 10 Freebie

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Counting Bear Addition Cards

Such a fun addition activity! Work on beginning addition with these free printable counting bear addition cards. They make a great kindergarten math center.

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Making Math Fun With Unifix Cubes

See what flashcards mean with unifix cubes or legos! 1+2 means we stack 1 cube on top of 2 stacked cubes--now we have 3 cubes stacked together! 1+2=3. Lay out the flashcards and stack cubes beneath them to make each answer. Use different colored cubes for each math problem. For 1+2 we use 1 white cube and stack beneath it 2 blue cubes to give us the 3 total cubes.

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